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  • Quarries - Soltani Quarry Complex

    Iran Travertine and Marble Stone Quarries The Iran based quarrier unearths stone at its own quarries; Kezen-Iran marble quarry, Pazeno-Iran Persian red travertine Quarry, Rainbow-cream pink travertine Quarry. The Marble and Travertine stone quarries ensure regular supplies of unique textures and shades. This enables to control the quality as well as the delivery time . Continue reading Quarries

  • Quarry | Quarry - Iran Stone Gallery

    Iran Cream marble has been always Popular and special. Iran stone gallery by having Smooth cream marble is Origin of beautiful cream marble of Iran. Huge capacity of this quarry make it special between other quarries. Iran stone gallery is able to supply high range of this product by using huge quarry .

  • About Us – Iran Stone Company

    ISCO is an Iranian company established in 1981 with aim to produce, process and distribution of all kinds of natural stones in Iran.ISCO is established under authority of Pourhassani Quarries & Factories Group with more than 50 years of experience in natural stone industry. This company began its activity from working on one crystal marble quarry and now owns 7 natural stone quarries and 3 ...

  • Travertine Stone,Iran onyx stone marble tile, natural stone

    Marjan stone department,subsidiary of Marjan Golden Trading, supplier of Iran Onyx Stone, Marble Tile and Iran Travertine,Onyx and Marble Blocks, is honored to export its products to all destinations. we are one of the main travertine suppliers specialized in producing travertine slab of natural stones in the world.


    Iran Stone Consortium here in ISC we have enormous potential, natural advanteges and more than 30 years of professionsl management expirence and skilled to bring an elegent transformed version of nature as an masterpiece to all natural stone lovers around the globe. With 30 years

  • Iran Stone - Iran Marble - Natural Stone Company

    Iran Marble, Travertine and Granite . Jam Stone Group is a group of experts with more than 25 year experience in quarrying, processing and marketing of Persian natural stone such as Iran Marble, Travertine and Granite.

  • Quarrying Process And Quarry Products - Northstone Materials

    Stone quarrying is the stage process by which rock is extracted from the ground and crushed to produce aggregate, which is then screened into the sizes required for immediate use, or for further processing, such as coating with bitumen to make bituminous macadam (bitmac) or asphalt.

  • Iran Dehbid Marble Stone | ایمکس استون

    Different stone quarries are spread through Iran. Different parts of Iran have their own quarries with different kinds of stones. One of the most favorable stone of Iran is Dehbid marble stone. Dehbid stone is like other marbles and have the same specifications. For example Dehbid stone should not be exposed to the water very much.

  • Iran Marble and Teravertine - Iran Natural Stone - Stone ...

    Jam Stone Group is a group of experts with more than 25 year experience in quarrying, processing and marketing of Persian natural stone such as Iran Marble, Travertine and Granite. Our specialists with rich background in consulting and partnership in top quarries and stone factories around country of Iran are honored to produce and supply Iran ...

  • Home - Marmaran Stone

    Welcome! MARMARAN STONE is focused its activities on supplying (quarrying and manufacturing) different kind of natural stone including Onyx (Esmeralda, Amber, Pink, White, Brown), Marble (Cream, Gray, Brownish), Travertine (White, off-white, Silver, Red), Granite, and Crystal.

  • Iran Slab Stones | ایمکس استون

    There are different stone quarries around Iran. Some of them are: Iran travertine stone quarries. Iran marble stone quarries. Iran granite stone quarries. Iran onyx stone quarries. Iran crystal stone quarries. Different kinds of Iran stones are cut and processed in our factories. The quality is in accordance with World standards. The thickness ...

  • AOMARBLE.COM | Pietra Grey | Home

    Welcome To AO Marble LLC Iran is one of the richest countries in stone sources over the world and with huge reserves of Marble, Travertine and Onyx quarries in many different colors. Iran is known as one of the main suppliers of natural stones in the world and this viability has been on the rise in the recent years.

  • Quarries – Iran Stone Company

    This quarry is located next to Kashan, Isfahan province of Iran. Annual extraction capacity of this quarry is 30000 tons. the material seems like the desert, that's why we choose the name 'Kavir' for it. 'Kavir' means 'Desert' in Persian language. Click here for more information and pictures.

  • Blue Onyx Stone | Iran stone

    An onyx quarry is nothing more than a mine for Onyx stone. Method of production in our onyx quarry is a Mechanized System by diamond wire Machines to ensure best quality How is Onyx exported from Iran? Most of the Onyx found in Iran are exported directly to other countries with ships from Bandar Abbas port in form of containers. There are many ...

  • Rana Stone ::: pietra grey marble supplier

    Rana Stone includes a quarry and a factory. Rana Stone specializes in supplying Pietra grey marble block, slab, and tile. 50 years of experience in quarrying gives us expertise and knowledge to provide our worldwide customers with high quality Pietra grey marble blocks in different sizes.

  • Home page solabest stone - Solabest Stone

    QUARRY. Besides significant activity in stone trading, Solabest began its activity in the field of quarrying. Solabest owns a marble quarry which is located in a mountainous area in the west of Iran. This quarry has different sorts in beige and gray colors. Its storage is estimated over two million tons and has monthly extraction capability of ...

  • Iran Granite Quarry

    14 different colored Granite Quarries in Iran, All details regarding their locations, images, stock and block prices from their quarry owner.

  • ISF - ISFAHAN STONE FAIR 2020 (Isfahan) - Stone, Marble ...

    Dates & venues for ISF - ISFAHAN STONE FAIR 2020 - International Exhibition of Stone, Quarries and Relevant Industries

  • Persian Marble Co.

    Persian Marble Company has been one of the leading companies in production and exports of Iranian stones, since 1987. Persian Marble sets from a factory located in Tehran and two quarries located in Fars province. Our production has been exported to over 50 countries around the world and has been used in the most luxuries and deluxe settings .

  • Best quality Marble, Onyx, Limestone and Granite - CK ...

    Through the year in the industry, CK Stones has built the channel from the remote desert quarries in Iran to the colorful and stunning Carrara mountain, passing by Brazil and Pyrenees mountain in the south of France to your door. CK Stones brings the rainbow of the stone to your doorstep.

  • Natural stone Iran | Europages

    .. quarrying, processing and marketing of Iran natural stone. Our specialists with rich background in consulting and partnership in top quarries (Marble, Travertine, Onyx & Granite) and stone factories around country of Iran are honored to provide you: -...

  • IranParsStone

    Iran Pars stone Company,is established in 2008 in field of Natural Stone international trading of all kinds of Persian Marble, with full Italian machinery factory .we have contract with more than 35 quarries. we have a share in 4quarries, we have professional experts with more than 10 years experience in the field of producing natural stone .we ...

  • Iran Stone Trade - IranStoneContact

    IranStoneContact is the leading Iranian stone directory. Find the best Iranian stone Products, Quarries, Machinery supplier and Factory owners in our website.

  • Iran Stone Gallery - Home | Travertine, Marble, Onyx producer

    Iran Stone Gallery is a manufacturer and exporter of Iranian natural stones. Our services are available for all around the world We provide all kinds of stones and sizes of Travertine, Marble, Onyx and Granite in both Blocks and Tiles forms. By having different own quarries and Italian production line, Iran Stone Gallery is one of the biggest ...

  • Iran Stone Supplier, Iranian Stone Factory, Iran Stone ...

    Iran stone supplier websites including Iranian stone quarry, Iran stone factory, Iranian stone manufacturer, Iran stone exporter, stone trading company, stone export company, stone agent, Iran granite supplier, Iranian marble supplier, slate supplier, sandstone supplier etc.

  • Marble quarries Iran | Europages

    ...and partnership in top quarries (Marble, Travertine, Onyx & Granite) and stone factories around country of Iran are honored to provide you: - Consulting to procure Iran natural stones. - Visit and block selection directly from the quarries - Visit and slab & tile selection from the factories Our top sold stones are: - Mahkam brown...

  • Export stone company in Iran | Best stones in Iran | Iran ...

    Iran has different marble stone types. There are lots of quarries all around Iran that are extracting marble stone in different colors and patterns. Iran marble stones are widely used to cover the floors inside the buildings. The benefit of the Iran marble is its very low prices

  • Travertine Quarry - Travertine Quarry

    Quarry Location: Iran. Stone Type: Travertine. Stone Color: Beige. This quarry named Petro Beige Travertine, is located in east of Isfahan (Vartoun region), 30 kilometers of Sejzi factory. Extraction capacity of this quarry is 600,000 tons and its area would be 2 square kilometers. It has 10 manufacturing personnel and its material would be ...

  • Marble | Iran stone consortium

    Marble. Marble is a metamorphic rock found in the mountainous regions of many countries of the world. Marble quarried in Iran, India, China, Italy, Turkey and Spain represents the majority of marble, in terms of volume, that is utilized worldwide.

  • MGT Stone Co. | The Natural Stone Compnay

    Iran has the most diverse colors of Travertines in the World. view gallery. Translucency in front of light, beautiful colors and nice patterns are all significant features of Onyx slabs and tiles. view gallery. As an igneous rock, Granite Stone is very tough. It is also massive and hard suiteable for construction material. view gallery. Uniqueness can be felt when our Black marble slabs are ...

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