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    Cockpit Country is globally unique and is the type locality for cockpit karst. This extraordinary landscape is home to many endemic plants and animals. It is the site of the Maroon Wars. It is the source of 40% of Jamaica's exploitable water resources.

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    Like you, without a skeleton, Cockpit Country will die. Did You Know, Cockpit Country has the world's most outstanding karst geology with steep-sided hills, and star-shaped valleys made from eroded limestone? Did You Know, Cockpit Country is Jamaica's largest intact limestone rain forest, home to plants and animals found nowhere else in the ...

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    South Cockpit Country is as beautiful, rugged and remote as its northern counterpart. Few roads penetrate the hills, where the sparse population is mostly involved in subsistence farming and, deeper in the valleys, ganja plantations that it's best not to stumble into without an invitation.

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    MONTEGO BAY, Dec 10 1999 (IPS) - Some of Jamaica's most valuable natural resources are found in the hills and valleys of the remote limestone region called the Cockpit Country. But this largely untapped treasure trove is under threat and efforts to save it are moving slowly. Named because its ...

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